Q. My smoke detectors keep beeping – what does this mean?

A. Smoke detectors should be replaced every several years as new standards develop. Today’s models include all-in-one carbon and smoke detection for the safety of your family. Sadly, most families will replace their computers and other electronic devices sooner than their smoke detectors.

Q. Can I put a fan or recessed lighting in a finished room without sheetrock damage?

A. Absolutely, if there is an attic above the ceiling. In other cases, we try to keep damage to a minimum.

Q. Do I need a service upgrade?

A. If you plan to purchase a hot tub or pool, you will need upgraded wiring to accomodate them.

Q. Someone gave me the name of an unlicensed electrician and told me that I could save money this way. Why should I hire a licensed electrician like you, instead?

A. Apart from the education, knowledge and credibility that comes from schooling and passing licensing tests, there are insurance risks. If a fire or other casualty were to occur that can be attributed to electrical wiring on the premises in some way, you would personally be liable for the damages because the insurance policy won’t cover unlicensed work. Whether you hire us or someone else, it’s simply not worth the risk to your property and most of all, your lives – for minimal savings.